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coffee11Oro Bar

This is the blend that truly meets the typical Italian taste. It’s thanks to the skilful combination of Arabica beans grown in the plateaus of Brazil and the prized Robusta beans from India, Africa and the Far East. The result is a blend that has character and roundness perfectly matched with body and aroma.

Meseta Oro Bar blend is INEI certified

Beans 1 Kg and 3 Kg





Crema d’Oro

An extraordinarily balanced blend made from carefully selected coffee beans. Arabica beans from Brazil give a sweet and rich taste, whilst those from Central America and Ethiopia enrich it with particularly flowery, aromatic notes. Lastly, small quantities of selected Robusta beans complete the fullness of the blend lending body. These characteristics are enhanced by skilful, slow, gradual roasting to create a coffee fit for connoisseurs.

Meseta Crema d’Oro blend is INEI certified

Beans 1 Kg




100% Arabica

A refined blend of particularly fragrant and aromatic, 100% Arabica coffee beans. The prized varieties used give this coffee its typical fruity and floral aroma. The special roasting procedure enhances its mild taste and sweet aroma.

Beans 1 Kg







In compliance with the principles and regulations of Fairtrade, which promotes trade in developing countries, ensuring a fair price for local producers, Meseta has created the Beneficio blend. The Arabica beans from Central America give that unmistakable aroma and fragrance whereas the prized Robusta beans from Africa give the blend its body and roundness.

Beans 1 Kg





Espresso Bar

This blend is for those who enjoy a bold, creamy cup of coffee, in pure Italian style. This blend stands out for its body and aroma, which come from Asian and African Robusta beans and the special roasting procedure.

Beans 1 Kg







This blend was created to ensure consistent excellent quality; its rich, aromatic taste will always make you want to drink one more cup.

Beans 500g







Gusto Forte

This full-bodied, dark roasted blend stands out for its flavour with chocolate notes. The high percentage of African Robusta beans gives this blend its bold, strong flavour. The distinctive feature of this creamy coffee is its smooth taste.

Beans 1 Kg








This is an excellent decaffeinated coffee. It retains all the aroma and flavour of classic coffee thanks to the careful selection of the varieties used and the slightly stronger roast. In compliance with Italian regulations, this blend cannot contain more than 0.1 % of caffeine per cup.

Beans 500g and 50 single-use sachets