Selection Process

OlegThe goal of the franchisee selection process is to create long-term franchise relationships that will benefit both the franchisee and Attibassi.

The selection process begins with the sharing of information. The applicant as an individual or representative, completes an application form, and then takes part in a series of interviews, during which time you develop a business plan for discussion.

Attibassi gives the applicant or representative a chance to evaluate our operational systems and give Attibassi a chance to evaluate the applicant’s aptitude for the coffee shop environment. 

Final stages of the selection process may include training for either the applicant or the applicant’s key operations manager.

1. Franchisee candidate submits online the Franchise Application and financial informations.
2. Our representative will contact you within 48 hours,
3. AttiBassi answers all your questions and provide you more information about our brand and business system,
4. We’d like to learn more about you to ensure this business is suited you,
5. AttiBassi reviews Franchise candidate’s application form and financial statement,
6. AttiBassi conducts Franchise candidate background and credit history check,
7. Once approved, the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is sent to the candidate with a required signature
for a non-disclosure agreement.
8. Discussion and agreement on territory slected by the candidate. This general territory will be used to identify
the target markets within that territory for a store location.
9. The Franchise agreement is signed and fees are paid.
10. AttiBassi provides a commitment letter from any lenders who are providing financing to be used in lease
11. The Franchisee works with our team to establish a target markets within the territory, locations options and
final site selection,
12. Architect and project manager is hired and plans are submitted to AttiBassi and then to local authorities to
obtain permits,
13. Construction begins,
14. In the same time The training begins for the Franchisee and all the team,
15. You are ready for the grand opening.