Training and Support

The AttiBassi system is fully supported through a comprehensive training program. We are confident that the more you learn about AttiBassi, the more excited you will become.

Because the success of the Attibassi system depends on its people and the uniformity of its operations from cafe to cafe, the management of Attibassi has designated the training of its franchisees as a top priority. We make major commitments of time and resources to our franchisee training program.

As a franchisee, you will be trained in the areas of:

• Store Operations
• Production
• Merchandising
• Promotions
• Accounting Procedures
• Store and Personnel Management

Field service 598483_515082351876758_201204539_npersonnel work directly with the franchisee providing expert counsel not only through the opening phase of the Cafe but also on an ongoing, regular basis.

Support Continues Beyond Opening Week
Franchisees always have access to the Franchise Director’s office for ongoing training, questions and advice. Annual and quarterly franchise meetings give franchisees and their management teams the opportunity to learn about new programs, sample products, receive training and share information.